Coaching Philosophy

Chris Patterson


Our philosophy is simple: no two people are alike, so why would their training plans be the same?

At Apex Performance Running, each client is treated as a unique case. There is no "Buy Now" button on this website. We need to get to know each other first. In addition, we only take on a limited amount of clients at once. This ensures that each client gets the attention they need to be successful.

Athlete Profile

As a prerequisite to being coached, each prospective client must fill out an Athlete Profile. The more detailed the responses to the various questions asked, the better. Schedule an initial consultation with us using the calendly link which appears after completing the Athlete Profile.

We will be prepared at the initial consultation to ask intelligent questions based on the information you provide, and we can get to know each other a bit better. After all, it’s important for the client to like the coach and the coach to like the client. Sometimes we’ll be a fit and sometimes not.

Training Plan Creation

We treat each client as a unique case and therefore very seldom (if ever) will one program provided to one runner match the program provided to another. Training plans are created with all of the following variables in play:

  • Running goals
  • Running experience
  • Physical age
  • Running age (how long the client has been running)
  • Gender
  • Time constraints (per week while training and time allowed for training prior to goal)
  • Prior injuries
  • How to keep training fresh throughout the program
  • Unlimited training plan changes (for when life throws a curveball)
  • Structured to help fit training in with a busy lifestyle

Interested? Please see our pricing page for more details.