Client Testimonials

I first heard of a running coach through a mutual friend. She said she was working with Chris because she wanted to PR a marathon. I have always loved running and got back into it 2 years ago. About 9 months ago my times for races plateaued. I sent a message to Chris inquiring about him possibly coaching me. I had always had it in the back of my mind I'd love to run Boston. I sat down with Chris and went over my previous races. Then I told him what I had up coming which was a Ultra Ragnar and 3 Marathons in 120 days. He got me through all of the races without injury. Even got a PR by 20 minutes for the Philadelphia marathon. After I finished the Houston marathon, we sat down again to focus on Buffalo Marathon. Training went extremely well, it was never a goal race but I wanted to push it a little bit to give me confidence for my goal race in Erie in September. I ended up with a course PR by over 50 minutes. Chris takes the time to listen to me and has given tips and advice. It is not a cookie cutter training program. He makes it individually for you. Working on your strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you Chris for all you have done for me.

Chris Y.

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Two months into my original 4-month training schedule for the 41st Marine Corps Marathon I was not where I needed to be. I was running my very first marathon, and my training was not going as planned. That is when a friend introduced me to Chris. After our initial talk, I knew Chris would be the coach that was going to get me where I needed to be. If you want someone who is going to keep it real with you, help you set realistic goals, and provide encouragement throughout the training then Chris is your guy! I completed the MCM in a time I never thought I would accomplish. Absolutely crushed my target time by 20 minutes! All this was attributable to the hard work I put in per the training plan Chris and I developed together. A training plan that was adjusted slightly a couple weeks into it. Chris takes the feedback you provide him and adjust your regiment accordingly. If you are serious about your race and your time you will not be disappointed with this guy! Chris, thanks again bud.

Freddy A.

So, I recently started working with a running coach. Chris (Apex Performance Running, LLC) is helping me PR a half marathon this spring. I had my first mid-training cycle time trial yesterday at an 8 mile race. I haven't seen some of the numbers I saw yesterday since before Leah was born! I'm looking forward to the rest of my training cycle, and to seeing what I can do at my goal half this spring.

Jessica M.

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Thank you, Chris, for all you did to help me complete my fastest marathon time in four years and a 16 minute improvement over my last marathon only 6 months ago. I know I had a very lofty goal, but in reality, this was my first attempt to run a marathon without planned regular race walk breaks (due to previous hip issues) in four years. The 9-day training cycle that you personally crafted for me, enabled me to get to the starting line in Erie on 9/11, WITHOUT INJURY. This was the EARLIEST in the fall than I have ever been able to be prepared throughout my entire marathoning career (since 1981)...never mind the many countless attempts to train over the years that never resulted in making it to any start line! This is a significant accomplishment for me at age 59. It was a pleasure to work with your always upbeat, encouraging personality and wealth of running knowledge, yet still challenging me to work my hardest!

Jill M.

Chris Patterson did a great job speaking to my Business Communication class at SUNY Geneseo on May 1st. The evening's theme was all about how you define "success" and Chris did a wonderful job discussing the experiences that shaped his journey to becoming a coach.

Alyx S.

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I have the best coach in the world! What a guy!! Who wakes up and gets to the track by 5:45am and pushes me to run my fastest mile ever ha ha! Thanks Chris Patterson with Apex Performance Running, LLC you rock! 🏃 🏃 🏃

Lindsey O.

During Training: I couldn't have been more pleased with my last long run today. It was such a beautiful day. I felt so strong and confident while running. I was below target for marathon pacing for the middle 12 miles and my easy pace for the start and end felt great. I did this same run 2 weeks ago and had to stop at mile 16, feeling discouraged. Mieka kept pace with me the whole way today and has been a great training partner throughout this process! I also am thankful to my coach Chris Patterson for his guidance...

After Boston 2017: I am so thankful for all the supportive messages from friends and family today [for Boston Marathon 2017]! I ran the best that I could for the hot temperatures and adjusted my pace accordingly (up to 79 degrees on some parts of the course!). I have never been so happy to finish a marathon ... I'm less sore and can go up and down steps without a railing and stand up without using my hands due to a smarter training program making me stronger (thanks Chris Patterson!) ...

Two weeks after Boston 2017: Took home the W with a new half marathon PR of 1:32:37!! After such a great training program for Boston, it was nice to finally reap the benefits of hard work!!

Jess C.

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